September 2019   
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Tres Dias
4th Day Coordinator: Jessica Bardelli
Tres Dias of Fairfield County

These awesome weekends are held in various locations within the local area. This is a great time for you to examine your spiritual journey. It’s a time to see where your next path may be in your walk with Christ.

These weekends are filled with great food, great music, and wonderful fellowship. They will also be filled with times of prayer and reflection. If you are interested in a Tres Dias weekend or would like more information please contact one of our Pescadores through the church office.


Here are the upcoming Tres Dias Weekends                 for the Fall of 2018

Men's 106 - October 10-14

Women's 106 - November 8-11


Bethel United Methodist Church Pescadores are...


Pastor John Parille, Pastor John Esposito, Jessica Bardelli, Alan Blackstock, Ed Chapman, Rich Conte, Lisa Delohery, Steve Deuschle, Pat Deuschle, Brendan Fox, Ray Garrity,  Jen Garrity, Greg Johnston, Richard Kelly, Laura Kelly, Betty Lepus, 

Dave Morey,  Carol Morey, Alex Nutting, John Robertson, Uta Robertson, Bill Struth, Steve Temple, Paul Veilleux, Tom Wolff,  Vicky Wolff, Bob O'Neil, Ken Parks, Tim Frawley, Doug Williams, Stew Donieas, Steve Mello